Saturday, May 28, 2011

why blog?

My intention is to share the excitement!  I listen to a song often called “Glorious”.  It is all about the simple pleasures in life and exclaiming at the beauty around us. 

My sister-in-law brought this song to mind when she talked about riding her bike more and driving less and the *JOY* that it gives her.  To simply BE in the fresh air, feel the sunshine and the wind through your hair, to slow down and look at what is around us…
Slowing down gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction.  Life IS good.  So very good.  Oh what a day! Listen to 'Glorious' now! 

So, why blog? 
Well, living green is something that we are passionate about, and something we want to share with our friends and family.  But I think passion and zeal can often be off-putting.  Rather than guilt our friends and family members into joining us, we want to cheer you on.  Join us!  Follow us as we get crazier and crazier…maybe you’ll find yourself slowing down too!


Logan said...

Yay! You guys are a great pair! Can't wait to see you soon! Sorry I have to fly across the Atlantic to do so, but it's about making our life work as green as possible right? See you Soon.

andreac said...

Hey - no worries about the flight, Logan! I just bought you a "carbon offset" on for $11.33- it's this great organization that works on projects from mass tree-planting to developing renewable energy. Luke plans to do that with his students when they fly to Scotland for his school trip.

I'm excited for this wedding! See you soon!